painful (s):
causing physical discomfort
bites of black flies are more than irritating; they can be very painful
painful (s):
exceptionally bad or displeasing
atrocious taste.
abominable workmanship.
an awful voice.
dreadful manners.
a painful performance.
terrible handwriting.
an unspeakable odor came sweeping into the room

Related Words: awfuldreadfulterrible
painful (a):
causing physical or psychological pain
worked with painful slowness
painful (s):
causing misery or pain or distress
it was a sore trial to him.
the painful process of growing up

Related Words: afflictivesore
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Once burnt twice shy

Sütten ağzı yanan yoğurdu üfleyerek yer.
When something or someone has hurt you once, you tend to avoid that thing or person.

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