entirely (r):
to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole' is often used informally for `wholly')
he was wholly convinced.
entirely satisfied with the meal.
it was completely different from what we expected.
was completely at fault.
a totally new situation.
the directions were all wrong.
it was not altogether her fault.
an altogether new approach.
a whole new idea

Related Words: completelytotallywholly
entirely (r):
without any others being included or involved
was entirely to blame.
a school devoted entirely to the needs of problem children.
he works for Mr. Smith exclusively.
did it solely for money.
the burden of proof rests on the prosecution alone.
a privilege granted only to him

Related Words: exclusivelysolely
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A bad workman always blames his tools

Alet işler el övünür.
It is not the tools we use which make us good, but rather how we employ them.

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