blame (n):
a reproach for some lapse or misdeed
he took the blame for it.
it was a bum rap
blame (n):
an accusation that you are responsible for some lapse or misdeed
his incrimination was based on my testimony.
the police laid the blame on the driver

Related Words: incriminationinculpation
blame (v):
attribute responsibility to
We blamed the accident on her.
The tragedy was charged to her inexperience
blame (v):
put or pin the blame on
Related Words: fault
blame (v):
harass with constant criticism
Don't always pick on your little brother
Related Words: find fault
blame (s):
expletives used informally as intensifiers
he's a blasted idiot.
it's a blamed shame.
a blame cold winter.
not a blessed dime.
I'll be damned (or blessed or darned or goddamned) if I'll do any such thing.
he's a damn (or goddam or goddamned) fool.
a deuced idiot.
an infernal nuisance

Related Word: damned
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