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Eminem - White America Lyrics & Subtitles

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Singer: Eminem | Song: White America

Eminem - White America Subtitle (.SRT)

00:00:23,412 --> 00:00:28,511
America, hahaha,

00:00:28,713 --> 00:00:30,312
we love you,

00:00:30,512 --> 00:00:34,911
how many people are proud to
be citizens of this beautiful
Country of ours,

00:00:35,111 --> 00:00:39,210
the *****es and the stars for
the rights that men have died
for to protect,

00:00:39,402 --> 00:00:45,401
The ***** and men who have
broke their neck's for the
freedom of s***ch the United
States Government has sworn to

00:00:45,599 --> 00:00:48,498
or (Yo', I want everybody to
listen to the words of this
song) so we're told...

00:00:48,710 --> 00:00:51,609
I never would've dreamed in a
million years I'd see,

00:00:51,805 --> 00:00:54,604
So many ************* people
who feel like me,

00:00:54,802 --> 00:00:57,801
who share the same views And
the same exact beliefs,

00:00:58,015 --> 00:01:00,914
it's like a ******' army
marchin' in back of me,

00:01:01,114 --> 00:01:06,213
so many lives I Touch, so much
anger aimed, in no particular

00:01:06,407 --> 00:01:10,806
just sprays and sprays, and
straight Through your radio
waves it plays and plays,

00:01:11,002 --> 00:01:13,801
'till it stays stuck in your
head for days and Days,

00:01:14,009 --> 00:01:18,308
who would of thought, standing
in this mirror bleachin' my
hair, with some peroxide,

00:01:18,500 --> 00:01:23,299
Reaching for a t-shirt to
wear, that I would catapult to
the forefront of rap like

00:01:23,515 --> 00:01:26,614
how Could I predict my words
would have an impact like

00:01:26,800 --> 00:01:29,799
I must've struck a chord, with
somebody Up in the office,

00:01:30,001 --> 00:01:33,000
cause congress keeps telling
me I ain't causin' nuthin' but

00:01:33,208 --> 00:01:35,907
and now They're sayin' I'm in
trouble with the government,

00:01:36,099 --> 00:01:38,298
I'm lovin' it, I shoveled ****
all my life,

00:01:38,516 --> 00:01:39,915
And now I'm dumping it on...

00:01:40,099 --> 00:01:42,498
White America, I could be one
of your kids,

00:01:42,708 --> 00:01:45,907
white America, little Eric
looks just like this,

00:01:46,107 --> 00:01:49,206
White America, Erica loves my ****,

00:01:49,412 --> 00:01:52,211
I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get,

00:01:52,415 --> 00:01:55,514
white America, I Could be one
of your kids,

00:01:55,700 --> 00:01:58,799
white America, little Eric
looks just like this,

00:01:59,001 --> 00:02:02,000
white America, Erica Loves my ****,

00:02:02,200 --> 00:02:05,299
I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get...

00:02:05,503 --> 00:02:08,102
Look at these eyes, baby blue,
baby just like yourself,

00:02:08,314 --> 00:02:11,313
if they were brown, Shady
lose, Shady Sits on the shelf,

00:02:11,501 --> 00:02:14,500
but Shady's cute, Shady knew,
Shady's dimple's would help,

00:02:14,700 --> 00:02:16,699
make ladies swoon Baby, (ooh baby),

00:02:16,899 --> 00:02:18,798
look at my sales, let's do the math,

00:02:19,000 --> 00:02:21,099
if I was black, I would've sold half,

00:02:21,311 --> 00:02:24,210
I Ain't have to graduate from
Lincoln high school to know

00:02:24,404 --> 00:02:27,203
but I could rap, so ****
school, I'm too cool to go

00:02:27,415 --> 00:02:30,514
gimme the mic, show me where
the ******' studio's at,

00:02:30,700 --> 00:02:33,899
when I was Underground, no one
gave a **** I was white,

00:02:34,103 --> 00:02:36,402
no labels wanted to sign me,
almost gave up,

00:02:36,608 --> 00:02:40,107
I was Like, **** it, until I
met Dre, the only one to look

00:02:40,311 --> 00:02:43,410
gave me a chance, and I lit a
fire up Under his ass,

00:02:43,606 --> 00:02:46,405
helped him get back to the
top, every fan black that I

00:02:46,609 --> 00:02:49,708
was probably his in Exchange
for every white fan that he's

00:02:49,912 --> 00:02:52,811
like damn, we just swapped,
sittin' back lookin' at ****,

00:02:52,999 --> 00:02:56,698
wow, I'm like my skin is it
starting to work to my benefit
now, it's...

00:02:56,902 --> 00:02:59,301
White America, I could be one
of your kids,

00:02:59,503 --> 00:03:02,602
white America, little Eric
looks just like this,

00:03:02,812 --> 00:03:05,911
White America, Erica loves my ****,

00:03:06,099 --> 00:03:08,998
I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get,

00:03:09,212 --> 00:03:12,311
white America, I Could be one
of your kids,

00:03:12,515 --> 00:03:15,614
white America, little Eric
looks just like this,

00:03:15,802 --> 00:03:18,801
white America, Erica Loves my ****,

00:03:19,007 --> 00:03:22,006
I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get...

00:03:22,202 --> 00:03:25,001
See the problem is, I speak to
suburban kids,

00:03:25,213 --> 00:03:28,112
who otherwise would of never
knew these words Exist,

00:03:28,302 --> 00:03:31,701
whose mom's probably would of
never gave two ******s of

00:03:31,905 --> 00:03:34,704
'till I created so much
************* turbulence,

00:03:34,918 --> 00:03:37,817
straight out the tube, right
into your living room I came,

00:03:38,007 --> 00:03:41,106
and kids Flipped when they
knew I was produced by Dre,

00:03:41,300 --> 00:03:44,299
that's all it took, and they
were instantly hooked Right

00:03:44,507 --> 00:03:47,606
and they connected with me too
because I looked like them,

00:03:47,804 --> 00:03:50,603
that's why they put my Lyrics
up under this microscope,

00:03:50,819 --> 00:03:54,918
searchin' with a fine tooth
comb, its like this rope,
waitin' To choke,

00:03:55,100 --> 00:03:58,899
tightening around my throat

Eminem - White America Synchronized Lyrics (.LRC)

[00:23.41]America, hahaha,
[00:28.71]we love you,
[00:30.51]how many people are proud to be citizens of this beautiful Country of ours,
[00:35.11]the *****es and the stars for the rights that men have died for to protect,
[00:39.40]The ***** and men who have broke their neck's for the freedom of s***ch the United States Government has sworn to uphold,
[00:45.60]or (Yo', I want everybody to listen to the words of this song) so we're told...
[00:48.71]I never would've dreamed in a million years I'd see,
[00:51.81]So many ************* people who feel like me,
[00:54.80]who share the same views And the same exact beliefs,
[00:58.02]it's like a ******' army marchin' in back of me,
[01:01.11]so many lives I Touch, so much anger aimed, in no particular direction,
[01:06.41]just sprays and sprays, and straight Through your radio waves it plays and plays,
[01:11.00]'till it stays stuck in your head for days and Days,
[01:14.01]who would of thought, standing in this mirror bleachin' my hair, with some peroxide,
[01:18.50]Reaching for a t-shirt to wear, that I would catapult to the forefront of rap like this,
[01:23.52]how Could I predict my words would have an impact like this,
[01:26.80]I must've struck a chord, with somebody Up in the office,
[01:30.00]cause congress keeps telling me I ain't causin' nuthin' but problems,
[01:33.21]and now They're sayin' I'm in trouble with the government,
[01:36.10]I'm lovin' it, I shoveled **** all my life,
[01:38.52]And now I'm dumping it on...
[01:40.10]White America, I could be one of your kids,
[01:42.71]white America, little Eric looks just like this,
[01:46.11]White America, Erica loves my ****,
[01:49.41]I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get,
[01:52.42]white America, I Could be one of your kids,
[01:55.70]white America, little Eric looks just like this,
[01:59.00]white America, Erica Loves my ****,
[02:02.20]I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get...
[02:05.50]Look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself,
[02:08.31]if they were brown, Shady lose, Shady Sits on the shelf,
[02:11.50]but Shady's cute, Shady knew, Shady's dimple's would help,
[02:14.70]make ladies swoon Baby, (ooh baby),
[02:16.90]look at my sales, let's do the math,
[02:19.00]if I was black, I would've sold half,
[02:21.31]I Ain't have to graduate from Lincoln high school to know that,
[02:24.40]but I could rap, so **** school, I'm too cool to go back,
[02:27.42]gimme the mic, show me where the ******' studio's at,
[02:30.70]when I was Underground, no one gave a **** I was white,
[02:34.10]no labels wanted to sign me, almost gave up,
[02:36.61]I was Like, **** it, until I met Dre, the only one to look past,
[02:40.31]gave me a chance, and I lit a fire up Under his ass,
[02:43.61]helped him get back to the top, every fan black that I got,
[02:46.61]was probably his in Exchange for every white fan that he's got,
[02:49.91]like damn, we just swapped, sittin' back lookin' at ****,
[02:52.100]wow, I'm like my skin is it starting to work to my benefit now, it's...
[02:56.90]White America, I could be one of your kids,
[02:59.50]white America, little Eric looks just like this,
[03:02.81]White America, Erica loves my ****,
[03:06.10]I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get,
[03:09.21]white America, I Could be one of your kids,
[03:12.52]white America, little Eric looks just like this,
[03:15.80]white America, Erica Loves my ****,
[03:19.01]I go to TRL, look how many hugs I get...
[03:22.20]See the problem is, I speak to suburban kids,
[03:25.21]who otherwise would of never knew these words Exist,
[03:28.30]whose mom's probably would of never gave two ******s of ****,
[03:31.91]'till I created so much ************* turbulence,
[03:34.92]straight out the tube, right into your living room I came,
[03:38.01]and kids Flipped when they knew I was produced by Dre,
[03:41.30]that's all it took, and they were instantly hooked Right in,
[03:44.51]and they connected with me too because I looked like them,
[03:47.80]that's why they put my Lyrics up under this microscope,
[03:50.82]searchin' with a fine tooth comb, its like this rope, waitin' To choke,
[03:55.10]tightening around my throat, watching
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Eminem - White America Lyrics & Subtitles

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  190. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Telugu).te
  191. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Tamil).ta
  192. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Slovene)
  193. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Oriya).or
  194. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Malayalam).ml
  195. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Kannada)(Chinese).kn
  196. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Hindi).hi
  197. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Gujarati).gu
  198. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Bengali, Bangla).bn
  199. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song(Assamese).as
  200. Lag Jaa Gale - Sadhana, Lata Mangeshkar, Woh Kaun Thi Romantic Song((Eastern) Punjabi).pa
Watch on YouTube: Eminem White America (sorted by view count)
Watch on YouTube: Eminem White America (sorted by relevance)
Note:Download video and music files with subtitles from YouTube and other websites for free with YouTube Video downloader.


Subtitle may need a correction, you can send a correction to info [@] rentanadviser.com, or you can create your own subtitle by using the Subtitle Maker for Music videos (free) application.

You may need below programs to create subtitle for music videos and audio music files and listen music videos and audio music files with subtitle or lyrics (.LRC) file.

  1. Download video and music files with subtitles from YouTube and other websites for free with YouTube Video downloader.
  2. You can create subtitles (.SRT) and synchronized lyrics file (.LRC) for music videos and audio music files for free with Subtitle Maker
  3. You can convert music videos to audio MP3 (or any other audio formats) with Audio converter, Video to mp3 converter.
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  6. Download subtitles for your movies or TV series automatically by movie name or movie hash code or episode number. Subtitle Downloader.
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Download Kripto Video Protector & Media Player and place subtitle (*.srt) files in the same directory of video file. In this way, subtitles will be automatically detected by the player like image shown below.

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    watch music videos with subtitle
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