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YouTube Subtitle and Caption Downloader free


YouTube Subtitle and Caption Downloader free

YouTube Subtitle and Caption Downloader free

You can download Subtitles (Caption) of YouTube videos as *.srt subtitle format.

How does it work?
Copy YouTube video URL and paste it by clicking the Paste YouTube Video URL button. Select subtitle language between Available subtitles list, and click the Download Selected Subtitles button to downlaod selected subtitles. You can define preferred language for subtitles by using thePreferred Language 1, 2, 3, 4 Combo Boxes to automatically checked preferred subtitles if available. You should use video just filename (no extension) as subtitle filename prefix to load subtitles automatically when videos playing.
Sample video name = Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939).mp4, subtitle filenames should be as below.
Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939).EN.srt, Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939).TR.srt, Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939).FR.srt ...
NOTE: You can also download videos with subtitles by using the YouTube Video downloader tab.
if you want video player to detect video subtitles automatically while playing video, you should give video just file name prefix to subtitle names.
e.g video file name = Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939).mkv.
enter the Enter Subtitle Just Filename textbox like Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939) prefix, subtitles names will be as in below samples.
Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939).TR.srt Turkish subtitle
Gone.With.The.Wind.(1939).EN.srt English subtitle etc.
if you want to use Video Title as file name, leave the Enter Subtitle Just Filename textbox empty. in this case subtitle file name will be as in below samples
Video Title.TR.srt Turkish subtitle
Video Title.EN.srt English subtitle etc.
You should place videos and subttitles in same folder Sample Video with multiple subtitles

  • FREEWARE (no toolbar, no ads)(You can make a small donation)
  • 32bit or 64bit
  • OS:Windows 8, 8.1, 7, Vista ve XP+SP3 32/64bit
  • Language:Turkish and English

All in one application (Freeware)

Download Application by using one of the buttons below (v8.2.2)

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Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

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