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Text encoding converter (free)


Text encoding converter (free)

Text encoding converter

One of the main feature of the Kripto video protector & Media Player is Text encoding converter. This feature allows you to convert encoding of text files (or text based subtitles) to any text Encoding (utf-8, utf-8 no bom, utf-16le, utf-32le, gbk, big5, shift-JIS, euc-jp, euc-kr and more). You can convert encoding of subtitles to desired text encoding to make them readable while playing videos. You can also select subtitle language to make them readable while playing with wideo without converting encoding of subtitles.

What is new?

  • Bug fixed: Wrong Media duration calculation on some non-English PC causes seeking problem and taking thumbnail problem (PPMF files only)
  • Bug fixed: Subtitle downloader detects episode and season number from filename, and can create friendly filename to search subtitle with friendly file name.
  • Play audio music files with subtitle (.SRT) or lyrics file (.LRC)
  • Disabling OSD menu temporarily while seeking media
  • Save playlist items relative to playlist file. In this way when you move media files along with playlist file, you do not have to change file paths in the playlist.
  • Mplayer updated


  1. Drag/drop a text (or subtitle) file on the program, or use related buttons to open file
  2. It automatically detects encoding of the text file, In case of wrong detection (low probability) it allows you to choose a proper text encoding to open file
  3. Choose target text encoding (it informs you when you choose unsuitable text encoding)
  4. Save your text file (with BOM or without BOM, BOM options only available for Unicode and UTF-8 encodings)

Download Application by using one of the buttons below (v2.6.5)

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Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

All in one application (Freeware)

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