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Subtitle downloader for movies and TV series (freeware)


Subtitle downloader for movies and TV series (freeware)

srt subtitle downloader

One of the main feature of the Kripto video protector & Media Player is allowing you to downlaod subtitles for your movies automatically. Use the Subtitle downlaoder section to download subtitles by movie hash code or movie name.

What is new?

  • Bug fixed: Wrong Media duration calculation on some non-English PC causes seeking problem and taking thumbnail problem (PPMF files only)
  • Bug fixed: Subtitle downloader detects episode and season number from filename, and can create friendly filename to search subtitle with friendly file name.
  • Play audio music files with subtitle (.SRT) or lyrics file (.LRC)
  • Disabling OSD menu temporarily while seeking media
  • Save playlist items relative to playlist file. In this way when you move media files along with playlist file, you do not have to change file paths in the playlist.
  • Mplayer updated

Using subtitle downloader

  1. To search subtitle for movies, navigate to Subtitle Downloader section of the application.
  2. Drag/drop video file that you want to download subtitle for
  3. Automatically detects Season and Episode number from filename (e.g. S02E05, or S02xE05 etc.)
  4. Choose subtitle language
  5. First try to search by movie hash code. Searching by movie hash code provides more accurate results, (no subtitle synchronization problem, no FPS mismatch). If no result return
  6. Try to search subtitle by movie friendly name.
  7. Select a subtitle from the search results and press the Download selected subtitle button.
  8. Temp subtitle and movie will open automatically for synchronization and quality check. Check subtitle quality and synchronization by seeking movie back and forth. When you close the player you will be asked whether or not subtitle is suitable for movie file. When you press YES, temp subtitle will be moved same directory of movie file, if subtitle is not OK for movie file, try to download another subtitle in the search result.
  9. To download subtitle for another language too, just change the subtitle language option and perform another search again.
  10. You should watch Subtitle downloader sample usage video below.
  11. You can synchronize subtitles and movies by using the Subtitle Synchronizer section of the application.
  12. You can download subtitles from opensubtitles.org
  13. You can download subtitles from YouTube with YouTube subtitle downloader

Subtitle downloader sample usage video

Download Application by using one of the buttons below (v2.6.5)

You can support future development of applications by making a donation or Upgrading to advanced versions. You can Pay/Donate with your PAYPAL account or with your Credit Card, Thank you!

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

All in one application (Freeware)

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