AT&T Natural Voices | Text to Speech Voices

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Samples of the AT&T Natural Voices are below.  These links to audio files in either WAV or MP3 format should launch your default media player, allowing you to hear samples of what these voices would sound like when used with  Improve Your English.

AT&T Natural Voices™ Samples
      16khz Version  
  Crystal   mp3 wave      
  Mike   mp3 wave      
More Natural Voices™ - American English
      16khz Version Samples
  Julia   mp3 wave
  Lauren   mp3 wave
  Mel   mp3 wave
  Ray   mp3 wave
  Rich   mp3 wave
  Claire   mp3 wave
More Natural Voices™ - UK English
      16khz Version Samples
  Audrey   mp3 wave
  Charles   mp3 wave
More Natural Voices™ - Indian Accent English
      16khz Version Samples
  Anjali   mp3 wave
More Natural Voices™ - Spanish
      16khz Version Samples
  Alberto   mp3 wave
  Rosa   mp3 wave
More Natural Voices™ - German
      16khz Version Samples
  Klara   mp3 wave
  Reiner   mp3 wave
More Natural Voices™ - French
      16khz Version Samples
  Alain   mp3 wave
  Juliette   mp3 wave
More Natural Voices™ - Canadian French
      16khz Version Samples
  Arnaud   mp3 wave
System Requirements

Minimum system requirements are a 300 Mhz Processor w/ 128mb RAM and 500MB Free Disk Space (16khz versions require 1GB Free Disk Space). While on all systems the Natural Voices™ work great when reading to MP3 and WAV files, on systems with less than 256MB Natural Voices™ can have pauses when reading aloud relating to loading voices into memory.

Compatible with all versions of Windows Win98 and Later, including Vista.

Recommended system requirements are a 500Mhz Processor w/ 256 mb RAM and 1GB Free Disk Space.